About Us

We are twin brother  Loves working on Adsense

We are Sunil and Anil Twin brother started onlinegenius.in  Thanks for taking time and reading about us we started selling  Adsense earlier   in High school Anil  its been 4 years we  got to know about adsense by his classmate there is way you can earn online thats all we knew at that time than back in time I had  nokia N71 2G phone  with Free internet  I find the way to use Airtel data for free It was big real  I search about it and somehow I learned some basics its was way to learn something I am existed about .


Adsense Facebook group Joining and Creating Adsense Service

After A while I(sunil) got PC and we started working I was was active on facebook group Someone Asked in group about getting Adsense Approval I told him do this and do that you will get approval but he Said I dont have that much time can you create I will pay you I was like cool will do  later anil brought onlinegenius.in  for showing people you can actually you can earn money from adsense but its requires    time and patience and really good effort now days  Google has updated their AI now more competitive market than ever before we are trusted and oldest seller in market you can see the details of domain  buy-adsense-account.com was created my me just to show anil  I can rank.





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